About EIJI

Raw beauty in sterling silver

Every piece is designed ad handcrafted by the designer Eiji Marubayashi.

When I design a piece of jewelry I tend to express all the raw and aggressive feelings in me. I aim to expose the beauty of imperfection in each piece by mixing textures, oxidizing the scratches and creating irregular forms. My designs are influenced by tribal tools, prehistoric weapons and medieval amulets.The creative process is completely chaotic, most of the times the idea goes from my mind to metal, skipping paper or any kind of molding process. It’s a mess, but the result is a unique piece of art, sometimes beautiful to my eyes, other times just eccentric.

I truly don’t believe in gender. My pieces are for men as much as they are for women. But when I envision and design a piece of jewelry, I certainly intend to create something to enhance and express the masculine energy in whoever is wearing it, either he or she.