Solid Sterling Silver vs. Silver Plated

Solid Sterling Silver vs. Silver Plated

If you have ever searched to buy jewelry online, you've probably gone through these two terms "sterling silver" and "silver plated". Do you know the difference? 

Well, the answer is simple and I'll explain why you should prefer the solid one. Many people love silver jewelry because they are really attractive, durable and will last for generations. Apart from being beautiful, they are trendy, affordable and available in many exotic designs. They are very striking and elegant indeed. It also compliments almost any outfit and has become the newfound style in fashion these days. That is why there is an increasing demand for this jewelry.

Solid Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry comes in a fantastic variety of styles and textures over its 4,000-year history. Ever noticed how your sterling silver jewelry sometimes just catches your eye and casts a spell on you? It's not just your illusion. The hypnotic power of a sterling silver jewelry flows from its highly polished surface that reflects the light in a way like no other jewelry can.

The sterling silver has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, that`s where the *925 silver* comes from. got it? These two elements create a mixture that can withstand everyday use when combined, and at the same time maintains the desired shine. Long story short, sterling silver jewelry is made of the same material (sterling silver) outside and inside. No matter how much you scratch it, you wont find an undesired layer of any other metal. 

Silver Plated

The price of silver has been rising over the years, and the demand for jewelry made of this precious metal continues to grow, however not everyone is willing to pay the price for a 100% sterling silver piece of jewelry. 

So the silver plated jewelry came as a solution. The piece has the same color and shine as sterling silver, but only the surface is covered with silver, the interior is usually a cheap base metal such as copper, zinc and nickel. So be careful, since the silver may go away, showing the base that can ruin your look or even irritate your skin. 

What you should know

There are many benefits of choosing sterling silver over plated one. First, it is very durable. For those with an active lifestyle, this is an excellent choice. Whereas silver plated pieces are good to wear occasionally in order to avoid wearing out the thin layer of silver. Sterling silver jewelry carries history and will last for generations, meaning it will be a piece that you will be with you in the good and bad moments. It will be your amulet.  

Another benefit concerns your health. Sterling silver is considered a hypoallergenic metal, so you don't have to worry about skin irritations when wearing it. Silver plated jewelry, on the other hand can be a little tricky. It's hard to tell which metal base was used and when the silver layer comes off, it starts to rub on your skin and may be a problem.


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